Televoice have been delivering IP Communications since 2000 and have deployed some of the largest and most complex solutions in the regions to-date. We offer a complete portfolio of communications solutions that are designed and delivered using in-house expertise and resource. Our solutions aim to deliver tangible benefits and reduce cost of ownership by providing consistent methods of communication across your business regardless of client device supporting the need to optimize the workforce through using the tools and applications most applicable to them.

Televoice understand that the infrastructure and the technology deployed on it needs to adapt to changing business needs allowing for information to be made accessible anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Through this business need we have developed a set of solutions that look at more than IP communications being convergence, but an underlying platform to deploy solutions that will create business advantage to you allowing an informed choice of communication methods based on such things as presence & infrastructure availability.

All enterprises now rely on their network to link the people and systems that run their company. Whether those networks carry voice, data or video, Televocie is the expert in creating and supporting these networks.

These solutions tend to be developed from well-recognized components such as the PBX, switch or router, however the technology is no longer simple. The name ¡§convergence solutions¡¨ recognizes the trend towards placing all of these services on a common IP backbone.

We acknowledge that converged solutions are vital for companies to be e-ready; ready to face stiff competition; ready to meet client's demands. Televoice¡¦s Convergence solutions enable companies to achieve productivity enhancements, support mobility and realize infrastructure efficiencies.

We have the experience to develop IP infrastructure to support the low latency and often, high bandwidth requirements of today¡¦s network requirements.

With our considerable track record and expertise, we can offer your enterprise a range of innovative solutions to address every challenge.

Unified Communications is the convergence of real-time and non-real-time business communication applications. These applications include telephony, conferencing, email, voice mail, instant messaging, video, and collaboration across a variety of interfaces be it PC or web-based clients, telephones and mobile devices, or speech.

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