Televoice offers a complete Interactive Voice Response System. This digital module is packed full of high-powered features designed to keep your clients in touch, while freeing telephone operators to handle more incoming calls. Numerous Interactive Voice Response is available, allowing you to customize the services available to meet your needs, and the needs of all your clients. The Interactive Voice Response module is integrated with the Televoice ACC2000 System. Or, use the stand alone module, which offers many interfaces for existing messaging system.

ACC2000 is part of the interaction platform which provides data access, business transaction, and the voice user interface. We can help to deploy a voice self-service platform with advanced capabilities, including VoiceXML, VoIP, advanced speech recognition, text-to-speech, and speaker verification. An open-standard, industry-leading solution drives a low total cost of ownership by providing scalability and reliability, cost-effective upgrades and updates, and efficient implementation and deployment.

Televoice Technology Projection Limited.