With over 1,000,000 ports deployed on a global basis, Envox Worldwide is a leading global provider of voice solutions. The Envox CT Application Development Environment (Envox CT ADE ™) is one of the most widely used IVR development tools in the world. It is a set of program building blocks that are easier to use - and quicker to learn - than conventional hardware interfaces. Envox CT ADE abstracts Dialogic hardware and software interfaces, as well as third-party speech products, into a rapid application development (RAD) platform for voice, fax, conference, and speech-enabled solutions. Using Envox CT ADE to manage the telephony devices and speech engines, you can focus on your unique business requirements.

Application Development Language (ADL) - a procedural language, incorporating many telephony application building blocks
Application Development ActiveXR Objects (ADX) - A set of com controls that can be incorporated into WindowsR visual development languages like C++, Visual BasicR, DelphiR, as well as Microsoft.NET languages C# and VB.NET
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