Contact Center Recording, Quality Monitoring, Analytics, and Performance Management
(formly known as Mercom)

Verint offers a broad portfolio of recording, QM, analytics, and performance solutions for contact centers of virtually any size and configuration !X from small to midsize contact centers with fewer than 100 agents to large, multi-site implementations, virtual contact centers, and outsourced or offshore operations.

Audiolog is a powerful call recording, retrieval, archive, and qualitymanagement solution for midmarket contact centers and public safety organizations. Audiolog features highly reliable and flexible recording, rapid access to recordings with instant recall and incident-based or call data-based retrieval, remote live monitoring and playback from the desktop, and powerful interactive assessment tools. Audiolog facilitates regulatory compliance, expedites dispute management, and helps to reduce both risk and customers churn.

Highly reliable and flexible recording
Rapid access to recordings with instant recall and incident-based or call data-based retrieval
Remote live monitoring and playback
Flexible storage of large volumes of calls using industry-standard storage technologies
Powerful interactive quality assessment tools
Secure and easy to use, with playback audit trail and user rights assignable by channel, agent, or radio talkgroup

Audiolog is designed to facilitate compliance, reduce risk, increase process efficiencies, and enhance customer service. Audiolog offers highly reliable full-time, on-demand, scheduled, and criteria-driven recording. Rapid access to customer recordings expedites dispute resolution and helps reduce liability and risk. Remote live monitoring and playback let supervisors and managers keep track of contact center activity from their desktop PCs. Flexible storage capabilities allow large volumes of calls to be retained using industry-standard storage technologies. And customizable evaluation forms, powerful interactive assessment tools, and synchronized audio and screens help increase supervisor productivity and enhance agent performance.

Built on thousands of successful implementations, Audiolog helps contact centers optimize quality of service and improve operational effectiveness.
Verint Audiolog Series Brochure íV (PDF 487 KB)
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